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Mrs. Frenda Baker

Classroom Procedures

Supplies Needed for Class
1- Three ring binder, 1"
2- Tab dividers (Pack of 5)
3- Black or Blue ink pens
4- Pack of white copy paper
5- Females-Box of tissues
6- Males-Bottle of Hand sanitizer
7-USB (2 GB or larger)

Course Grading and Evaluation
Your grades will be based on a variety of tests, quizzes, projects and assignments. Your lab notebook will be a key factor in the final grade. The grading will be weighted as follows:

Formal 70%

Informal 30%

This course consists of a number of projects and activities. Your degree of effort and involvement, regardless of whether the assignment is individual or group, will be reflected in your grade.
Attendance for this class is mandatory. If you are absent you will be allowed 5 school days from the day you return to turn in any assignments that have been missed. An area will be designated in the classroom for any material handed out in your absence and it will be your responsibility to check for the material upon your return.
The tardy policy will strictly follow the school policy. If you should arrive late go directly to the “tardy log”, sign in and leave your pass on the table next to the log. Your reason for tardiness should be entered on the log and should be specific… not simply, “I was late”.

Classroom Procedures and Rules
  1. Please be in your seat and silently working on the warm-up when the bell rings.
  2. Please raise your hand when you have a question. Wait to be addressed before responding. Do not interrupt others.
  3. For your safety, please do not sit on the tables or put your feet on the furniture.
  4. Profanity of any kind is disrespectful.
  5. Eating and drinking will not be allowed in the classroom as it is a safety hazzard.
  6. Use of electronic devices such as games or IPods will not be allowed.
  7. Sleeping will not be allowed in class (please get plenty of rest each night).
  8. Copying answers from your classmates or allowing classmates to copy from you may result in a F. CMS policy calls for immediate action as well as an F for that assignment or test if you are caught cheating.
  9. Homework will be accepted late but there will be a 50 point reduction. Please see above section on attendance.
  10. The bell does not dismiss the class; the instructor dismisses the class.
If You Choose To Break a Rule
First time verbal warning
Second time student conference/parent contact
Third time classroom consequence/parent contact and/or conference
Fourth time referral to administrator

The teacher reserves the right to relocate students to ensure a conducive teaching and learning environment.